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‘HuffPost Live': Fall TV


After a few scheduling conflicts, I made my HuffPost Live debut today, to talk about fall TV and a trio of my recent Adweek stories. First I spoke about Fargo, which as I wrote this week is the best TV show you’ll see this fall.

I then talked about The Walking Dead, and why AMC should prepare to end that show, even though they probably won’t.

Finally, we talked about Tuesday’s news that Donald Trump is going to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7, and why he is spending so much time on a network that cut professional ties with him in June.

We covered a lot of ground, and I look forward to returning to HuffPost Live soon.

Is Fargo the Best TV Show of the Fall?

Should AMC End ‘The Walking Dead’?

Donald Trump to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

CBSN: 67th Emmy Nominations

CBSN Emmy nods

I wasn’t expecting to go on-camera and talk about the 67th Emmy nominations today, but that’s what I ended up doing thanks to a last-minute call from CBSN, CBS News’ live streaming news channel. I did some pre-announcement predictions with anchor Meg Oliver, and then we watched the nominations live and I reacted to them in real time. I’d never done a segment like that before on-air, and this was a perfect opportunity to do that. Here’s the post-nomination portion of my appearance:

After wrapping this segment, I raced back to the Adweek office and wrote my Emmy reaction story for the website.

Poehler, Spacey among actors nominated for Emmy awards

‘MSNBC Live': The Best Summer TV of 2015

MSNBC Summer TV 1

I appeared on MSNBC Live today (while the segment was produced by the Melissa Harris-Perry team and was in that show’s usual timeslot, it wasn’t actually considered a Melissa Harris-Perry broadcast because of the holiday weekend), talking about the best summer TV shows that too many of you aren’t watching.

MSNBC Summer TV 3

I talked about four of the shows I’ve been writing about, and raving about, all summer: Amazon’s Catastrophe, Lifetime’s UnReal, Comedy Central’s Another Period and USA’s Mr. Robot.

MSNBC Summer TV 2

I think Catastrophe star Rob Delaney really liked what I had to say about his show!

MSNBC didn’t post the segment online, but I uploaded the clip here (I know the audio quality isn’t the best; my apologies).

Long story short: you should start watching all four of those shows, immediately!

‘Today’ Show: Trump Brand Taking Hits, While Trump the Candidate Gaining in Polls


So it turns out that in addition to making my NBC Nightly News debut last week, I also—surprise!—appeared for the first time on Today, during a Donald Trump piece the show did Friday morning. Katy Tur filed a new Trump story for the show, and used a different portion of the interview I’d done with her for that Nightly News story.


I was away for the holiday weekend, and it was a nice surprise to hear about the surprise appearance when I returned. (However, I should point out that I write for Adweek, not Ad Week.) Here’s the Today segment, in case you missed it (like I did). I pop up at the 1:26 mark:


Now I’m wondering which NBC program might use that interview next…

Trump brand taking hits, while Trump the candidate gaining in polls

NBC Nightly News: Macy’s Terminates Contract with Donald Trump


While I’ve been on MSNBC and CNBC several times, I’d never made a media appearance on NBC proper—until today. I was interviewed on NBC Nightly News tonight for a segment about the Donald Trump’s latest antics and the fallout from Macy’s, NBC and Univision severing ties with him.


I’d written about the controversy on Tuesday. Thanks to Katy Tur for sitting down with me! You can watch the segment here; I pop up at the 1:29 mark:

It looks like I’ll be back at 30 Rock on Sunday for another TV appearance; more on that later in the week!

‘Squawk Alley': Here is the Next Must-See Series…


It’s been awhile since I had appeared on Squawk Alley—due to my availability and breaking news that bumped one scheduled appearance—but I returned Monday for my first segment as an Adweek staffer. I discussed my Adweek reviews of Amazon’s magnificent new sitcom Catastrophe and True Detective‘s less-than-magnificent second season. Here’s a clip from the segment:

The best part was finally doing a Squawk Alley appearance seated next to my Twitter pal Carl Quintanilla, the show’s regular anchor. Between my remote segments and his absences during my previous visits to the show’s New York Stock Exchange studio, our meeting up on-camera was long overdue!


Here is the next must-see series…

‘Squawk Alley’: ‘Daredevil’ Refreshing


I returned to Squawk Alley this morning, to discuss today’s debut of Marvel’s Daredevil, and my Quartz story about how terrific Marvel and Netflix’s first collaboration is. Here’s a portion of my segment (as usual, CNBC doesn’t stream the various Daredevil clips that were shown during the segment; there are placed with a big CNBC logo in the streaming footage).

I did today’s segment from CNBC’s Englewood Cliffs, N.J. headquarters, which is usually more convenient for me, but that won’t be the case for much longer. Stay tuned…

‘Daredevil’ refreshing: Quartz’s Lynch

The Arlene Bynon Show: Talking ‘The Jinx’

The Jinx

Late yesterday afternoon, I appeared on The Arlene Bynon Show — which is broadcast on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks channel — to talk about my Daily Beast story on The Jinx, its heart-stopping finale and its suddenly-evasive filmmakers. If you missed my segment, you can listen to it here:

As I mentioned, this story is far from over!

‘Squawk Alley’: Can Netflix Save Sitcoms?

Squawk Netflix comedies 1

I returned to Squawk Alley — and the New York Stock Exchange — today to talk about yesterday’s Quartz story on how Netflix is saving sitcoms, starting with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I also was able to touch on my reporting for my Adweek cover story on the state of network comedies.

Squawk Netflix comedies 2

Squawk Netflix comedies 3

It was a fun segment as always, and you can watch it here. (As usual, they’ve superimposed the CNBC logo over the Kimmy Schmidt clips they apparently aren’t allowed to stream.)

Can Netflix save sitcoms?