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Give Mandy Patinkin an Emmy Nomination for ‘Homeland,’ Already!


Emmy nominations are coming out Thursday morning, and I made my case at The Daily Beast for why Mandy Patinkin’s name absolutely must be on the supporting actor in a drama ballot, especially after he was criminally overlooked last year.

Included in my five reasons why he must get an Emmy nomination:


Patinkin imbues Saul with a hulking presence that fills entire rooms. Saul may be a man of few words, but Patinkin makes each of them count. Near the end of the Season 2 finale, after a horrifying twist I won’t spoil here, he calls Carrie’s cell phone in a desperate, seemingly futile attempt to locate her. His words are simple. “Carrie, it’s me. I’m looking for you. Please call me back.” But Patinkin packs more desperation and anguish into them than you’d find in a five-minute monologue.

Don’t screw this up again, Emmy voters!

Give Mandy Patinkin an Emmy Nomination for ‘Homeland,’ Already!