‘Melissa Harris-Perry’: ‘Empire,’ ‘Scandal’ and TV & Not TV’s TV debut!

MHP 1-31 1

I returned to Melissa Harris-Perry today — my first ever Saturday appearance on the show — to talk about Empire and my Adweek story about the marketing campaign that helped turn it into a phenomenon, along with the return of Scandal. I always have a great time on the show — and loved being on a panel with Janet Mock and Joy Reid — but for me, the most exciting part was having TV & Not TV make its long-awaited TV debut:

MHP 1-31 2

Woo hoo! Plus, this was also the first time I was credited onscreen as an Adweek contributor.

MHP 1-31 3

Here’s the first segment, which focused on Empire:

And here’s the second segment, where we discussed Scandal before pivoting back to Empire:

TV & Not TV: finally on TV!

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