‘Today’ Show: Trump Brand Taking Hits, While Trump the Candidate Gaining in Polls


So it turns out that in addition to making my NBC Nightly News debut last week, I also—surprise!—appeared for the first time on Today, during a Donald Trump piece the show did Friday morning. Katy Tur filed a new Trump story for the show, and used a different portion of the interview I’d done with her for that Nightly News story.


I was away for the holiday weekend, and it was a nice surprise to hear about the surprise appearance when I returned. (However, I should point out that I write for Adweek, not Ad Week.) Here’s the Today segment, in case you missed it (like I did). I pop up at the 1:26 mark:


Now I’m wondering which NBC program might use that interview next…

Trump brand taking hits, while Trump the candidate gaining in polls

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