Charts: How We Watch TV on the Internet

how we watch tv on the internet

TCA summer press tour ended more than a week ago, but there was still one story left for me to finish up (along with several others that I’ve banked for the fall): this companion piece to my earlier look at how we watch TV now. For this story, I delved into the ratings data from a separate press tour briefing given by Alan Wurtzel, NBC’s head of research and media development, about how audiences are using their smartphones, tablets and personal computers to watch and download TV content.

This isn’t just about “a bunch of 25-year-olds who wear black and live in Williamsburg. It affects everybody across the country,” said Wurtzel, who shared NBCUniversal’s data with Quartz. “One size no longer fits all.”

As with my previous data-heavy story, I urge you to read the whole thing; there’s just too much great info for me to attempt to summarize it here. But I’ll wrap up with another observation from Wurtzel.

And as viewers stream in greater numbers, especially on their mobile devices, these seismic shifts will only continue. “These changes are very real,” said Wurtzel. “They’re growing unbelievably fast, and they affect the core of our business.”

Charts: How we watch TV on the internet

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