Revealed: Behind ‘Homeland’s’ Surprising ‘Princess Bride’ Connection


For whatever reason, I have a knack for spotting minute details in Homeland screeners. That skill came in handy as I watched an early screener of Season 3, and noticed what seemed like a reference to Mandy Patinkin’s famous line in The Princess Bride scribbled in Carrie Matheson’s notes. She writes, “You killed my son — prepare to die!” I caught up with showrunner Alex Gansa at TCA summer press tour and asked him about the reference for a new Daily Beast item.

Was the Princess Bride reference intentional? “Of course it is!” Homeland executive producer Alex Gansa tells The Daily Beast of its inclusion early in Season 3. “We didn’t expect to use it so prominently. But the fact is that it looks so great, the physical representation of her mania, right there on the page. So there it is, right in front of your eyes.”

Gansa also told me who came up with the idea — and what Patinkin thinks about it.

Revealed: Behind ‘Homeland’s’ Surprising ‘Princess Bride’ Connection

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