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‘Selfie’ was the Word of the Year—and Now it’s a TV Show

selfie oscars

Today I wrote about ABC’s odd decision to take a modern day take on My Fair Lady, and call it Selfie. Speaking at TCA summer press tour, the show’s creator Emily Kapnek said the title “feels very topical and relevant to me,” but I’m not so sure:

But taking a series, which its creator and the network hope will air for years to come, and calling it Selfie seems about as risky a bet as naming a show Macarena back in the mid-1990s (which no one did, thankfully). Given that some have argued that the word has already jumped the shark, Selfie’s title could quickly feel dated, and eventually become an albatross for the show.

Only time will tell if audiences will find Selfie, and its title, worthy of a retweet — or a delete.

‘Selfie’ was the word of the year—and now it’s a TV show