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‘The Walking Dead’ Wakes Up and Fights Piracy by Releasing Global Versions Earlier


It’s almost time for The Walking Dead’s Season 4 premiere, and unlike in previous seasons, international viewers in more than 125 different countries will be able to watch within 24 hours of the U.S. debut. As I wrote at Quartz,

Previously, the show’s international air dates lagged behind The Walking Dead’s US showings by a week. But FIC was no longer willing to sit by and watch as the show’s rabid fans pirated the latest episodes. “We want to prevent the spoilers for sure, we also want to make sure [international viewers] get the best version of the show—not some pirated version,” Fox International Channels’ chief marketing officer Liz Dolan told The Wrap. “But we also want them to get it super fast.”

Now, no country is safe!

‘The Walking Dead’ wakes up and fights piracy by releasing global versions earlier