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U.S. Morning Talk Shows Have a New Strategy: If You Can’t Beat Them, Steal Them

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As Josh Elliott leaves Good Morning America for NBC Sports, I wrote at Quartz about NBC’s new approach to morning show success: if you can’t beat them, steal them.

Of course, poaching is nothing new in the morning show wars (CBS hired away Today’s Bryant Gumbel in 1997; he began hosting The Early Show in 1999), but this is a new evolution as media conglomerates have continued to expand. NBC Universal can in essence kill two birds with one stone: fill a vital need in one area of its company (NBC Sports was searching for a viable heir apparent to Bob Costas, the Weather Channel was looking to keep viewers tuned in more than 15 minutes each morning) while simultaneously boosting another property—Today—by damaging a competitor, and the tight-knit five-person anchor team that propelled GMA to first place. Suddenly, two of those five anchors have been snapped up by NBC Universal.

Watch your back, GMA!

US morning talk shows have a new strategy: If you can’t beat them, steal them

‘AMHQ’s’ Sam Champion Wants News Coverage to Help People Survive Weather Disasters


Back at TCA winter press tour, I (nope, still not “Walter Scott”) spoke with Sam Champion for this Parade story about being frenemies with Al Roker, his new Weather Channel show AMHQ and why he left Good Morning America:

If I hadn’t taken this opportunity, I’d regret it the rest of my life. I like a challenge.

‘AMHQ’s’ Sam Champion Wants News Coverage to Help People Survive Weather Disasters