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Fifteen and Loving It

15 Episodes Viola

Adweek wasn’t the only print publication I appeared in this week; I also have two stories in the new issue of Emmy magazine. In addition to profiling Peg Schierholz, ace hair department head from The Americans, I also looked at the growing phenomenon of movie actors transitioning to TV series and signing 15-episode deals (as opposed to the standard 22-episode seasons) to give themselves enough time during their hiatus to continue doing movies.

It’s always fascinating to delve into a new television trend, and I got great insight on this one from How to Get Away with Murder creator Pete Nowalk, who is thrilled to land Viola Davis for 15 episodes each season (“if it was my network, I would have given her anything she wanted”), as well as Kevin Bacon, who pioneered the “15 is the new 22” concept back in 2012 when he signed on to The Following.

Go here or click below to read the full story:

15 Episodes Emmy Mag

You can find more information on Emmy’s February issue, and purchase a copy, here.

As I mentioned earlier today, even though I write primarily online these days, there’s still nothing like seeing your name, and story, in print! So between the new issues of Adweek and Emmy, this has been a fantastic (and nostalgic) week.

Fifteen and Loving It

Sophomore TV Shows: Which Will Surge and Which Will Slump?

sophomore shows

With the new TV season about to kick off, I looked at 16 returning second-year series, and predicted which ones will surge in Season 2, and which will slump. As I wrote at The Daily Beast,

A show’s second season is often its make-or-break year. After a season’s worth of growing pains and tweaking under its belt, will the series make the leap and fully realize its potential, as Scandal and New Girl gloriously did last year, or will it hit the dreaded sophomore slump and watch that initial promise implode, as was the case with Revenge, Up All Night, and Smash?

Maybe I’ll check back at the end of the season and how my predictions held up.

Sophomore TV Shows: Which Will Surge and Which Will Slump?