This Show Just Lowered the Median Age of USA Network Viewers by 12 Years

this show just lowered

One of the interesting challenges of TCA winter tour has been searching for nuggets of news that would be most appealing to Quartz readers. I was at it again today with this story out of USA’s presentation, on how Modern Family has lowered the median age of its viewers by 12 years. As I wrote,

Those early statistics are encouraging for USA, which paid a reported $1.4 million per episode for the syndication rights to the show’s first four seasons, and launched the syndication run in September with a lavish marketing campaign usually reserved for original series. “When we brought Modern Family on, the whole idea was, how do we increase the reach of USA and bring new people into the fold?” USA Network President Chris McCumber told Quartz. “It’s already doing that and it’s only been on the air for a few months.”

McCumber also talked with me about trying to use Modern Family’s success to help launch its upcoming comedies, like Sirens.

This show just lowered the median age of USA Network viewers by 12 years

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