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Cable Networks Will Save Themselves by Focusing on What They Do Best

cable networks will save themselves

Just nine months ago, USA President Chris McCumber was talking to me about his network’s push into comedy, and preaching patience. Looks like his patience has worn thin, because USA announced that it is retreating from comedy and refocusing on drama, while AMC has pulled the plug on almost its entire reality slate as it, too, opts to concentrate on what it does best. As I explained at Quartz,

Those surprising moves were in part explained by a Wall Street Journal report that the US top 40 most widely distributed cable channels in 2010—USA and AMC included—have lost an average of 3.2 million subscribers, or more than 3% of their distribution, during the last four years, as consumers have starting “shaving the cord” by opting for smaller, cheaper bundles of channels.

Intent on not being shaved out of existence, networks are refocusing on keeping their core audiences happy, rather than trying and attract new viewers. “In an environment of exploding content options for viewers,” AMC said in explaining its decision, “we have decided to make scripted programming our priority.”

Both networks damaged their core business by taking their eye off the ball, and their sudden retrenching should also be a red flag for E! and Bravo, which are both branching into scripted series for the first time.

Cable networks will save themselves by focusing on what they do best 

How the Dark and Stylish Drama ‘Suits’ Became USA’s Best Show


After an unplanned hiatus, I’m back writing for The Daily Beast with this look at how USA’s Suits evolved from a half-hour, Entourage-like story into a dark and stylish drama. Stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, along with creator Aaron Korsh, talked with me about how the show — which still seems a unusual fit for USA’s “Blue Skies” lineup — has thrived, how it might end, and whether not-a-real-lawyer Mike will ever be held accountable for his deception.

“Recently, I have started giving some thought to it,” says Korsh, who is currently mulling four different outcomes. “One is the truth comes out and Mike goes to jail. That’s a definite possibility. We’ve at least discussed the possibility of the truth coming out and figuring out a way that he does not go to jail. Another option would be the truth would never come out, and another option would be the truth comes out, he goes to jail and you’re able to move past that.”

I particularly enjoyed Macht’s pitch for how the show could successfully, and logically, navigate the dilemma of Mike’s big lie.

How the Dark and Stylish Drama ‘Suits’ Became USA’s Best Show