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Gillian Anderson: My Kids Don’t Know I’m an Actress


At TCA winter press tour, I spoke with Gillian Anderson for this Parade profile about the many projects on her plate: her new NBC drama Crisis, her recurring role on NBC’s Hannibal and a new season of her BBC2/Netflix crime drama series The Fall, plus she’s moonlighting as a sci-fi author:

“I don’t know about a conscious decision to amp up my workload. Everything has kind of fallen together at the same time, and it seems doable. I think in the past, when my little ones were younger, it seemed less doable. And on top of that, the fact that I’ve been approached with some projects that were difficult to turn down—I think the mixture of the two of them. If they were difficult to turn down and I didn’t find that they were doable, then I wouldn’t be doing them. But it seems manageable at this point. Talk to me in April [or] May…”

 Gillian Anderson: My Kids Don’t Know I’m an Actress

‘White Collar’s’ Matt Bomer Picks His Favorite TV Duos

matt bomer TV duos

My favorite USA show, White Collar, returns tonight for Season 5. I asked Matt Bomer, who plays con man Neal Caffrey to Tim DeKay’s FBI Agent Peter Burke, to share his 10 favorite odd couple duos from television. In this Daily Beast story, Bomer comes up with some great pairings, including a few unexepected ones like SpongeBob Squarepants duo SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star:

Every parent knows SpongeBob and Patrick. I just love that it’s two fools who operate and succeed in the world through pure enthusiasm, joy, and best intentions. Regardless of how terrifying and real the world around them becomes, they tend to win out with sheer enthusiasm. And I don’t think that’s the worst message for kids to have. The writing is brilliant. I watch a lot of shows with my kids and there aren’t many that I actually enjoy sitting down to watch, but I can sit and take in an episode of SpongeBob with them.

All his picks were fun; check them out!

White Collar’s Matt Bomer Picks His Favorite TV Duos