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Charts: How We Watch TV Now

how we watch tv now

Hundreds of reporters have assembled at TCA summer press tour, but as far as I’m aware, I’m the only one who wrote a detailed story about the fascinating panel with CBS, FX, Fox and Showtime’s research gurus, who talked about how audiences actually watch TV now.

“We’re in a new era of television,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS, noting that weekly TV viewing has increased 2% over the last three years, from 35 hours and 36 minutes to 37 hours and 50 minutes. “This is a golden era of television content, and the public is embracing television and engaging with television in a way that they never did before, because it is so much good programming.”

While I usually try to summarize my stories a bit here, there’s so much terrific information throughout the piece about delayed viewing lifts and multi-platform audiences that I urge you to read the whole thing yourself.

Charts: How we watch TV now

Why ‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Controversial Season Premiere Twist was a Mistake

sons of anarchy

I had big problems with tonight’s Season 6 premiere of Sons of Anarchy; specifically the school shooting that closed out the episode, which to me was the first time that the show, which always pushes the envelope, finally went too far. I first saw the season premiere during TCA summer press tour, and at the time, creator Kurt Sutter insisted that he wasn’t doing the school shooting to be sensational, explaining that sets everything in motion this season. As I wrote at The Daily Beast,

So a few weeks later, when FX sent out the season’s first three episodes, I watched them with Sutter’s words in mind. Judging the first three episodes as a whole, he’s right: the school shooting isn’t just a gratuitous jolt, as it seems to be in the premiere. Instead, it’s far more damaging to the series and its characters.

I had to admit that this review got away from me a bit, and I don’t think I did a great job articulating my issues (in other words, kind of like what happened to Sutter himself in this episode). And I think it’s best for all involved if step away from writing about the show going forward. Some shows are just no longer worth the headache…

Why ‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Controversial Season Premiere Twist was a Mistake